Digital Signage

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Digital signage for a stand out workplace experience

Engage. Inform, Motivate. Impress.

Digital signage is dynamic, immersive, and draws attention. Reach your audience in an instant with this highly versatile communication tool.

With powerful mixed-media capability digital signage, every screen is an opportunity to captivate and engage employees and visitors. Enhance internal communications, improve awareness, drive sales, and grow your business.  As a leading audiovisual expert, we help businesses of all sizes across healthcare, education, transportation, government, heritage, and corporate spaces stand out from the crowd signage systems.

The strategic use of displays in the office environment can foster a sense of pride and ownership.  Gain immediate one-to-many communication capabilities with engaging, up-to-the-minute information to reinforce your brand ideals.  Keep your employees informed of company updates, events, objectives, and important information.

Bring your workplace to life

Digital signage systems offer unparalleled versatility to deliver dynamic content and messages to specific audiences and different locations in real time. Improve the workplace experience for employees and visitors from the moment they enter your building. Make a special welcome and enhance brand perception through digital signage and wayfinding displays in your reception. Continue this engaging experience throughout your offices with displays in meeting rooms, café areas, break-out areas, or hallways. Consider a video wall to super-size your signage for maximum impact in event spaces in high-traffic areas to give your communications that extra wow factor.

Boost communication and collaboration

There is no better way to distribute internal communications, motivate your teams, and champion the talents of your people. Promote collaboration and unity for your teams across all your office locations anywhere in the world. Engage and motivate your people with a seamless flow of creative content – celebrate achievements, exchange ideas, spark collaboration, and live-stream events and meetings.

Digital Signage  – Endless Possibilities

Digital signage screen in reception area showing meeting schedule.

Reception Areas

Enhance visitor experiences with digital signage in reception and waiting areas to create a great first impression.  Help visitors navigate your building to locate meeting spaces, restaurants, washrooms and facilities. 

Digital signage outside a meeting room.

Meeting Spaces

Digital signage positioned outside boardrooms and meeting spaces can be used to display scheduled meetings, event information, and specific information such as occupancy and safety messages.

Digital signage in communal area

Communal Areas

Cafes, waiting areas, and breakout spaces are the ideal locations to communicate company information. Share inspirational messages, recognise achievements, and promote forthcoming events and company updates.

Which is the right display for you?

Our experts have the knowledge and experience to advise you which display is best for your application from wall-mounted screens, interactive touch displays, and free-standing displays to large immersive LED displays.

Visually Connected is vendor-agnostic and works with all leading technology partners which means that we will find the right solution for your needs and budget from the basic systems to the most complex. We provide global installation and support for your digital signage system to bring you the flexibility you need.

Types of digital signage

Wall mounted

Wall-mounted digital displays are a versatile addition to high-traffic areas and are perfect for corporate environments.  This is a highly effective means to keep employees and visitors informed, safe, and engaged with branded messages and dynamic content.


Ideal for places with high footfall, for example, airports, hotels, showrooms, and exhibition halls. Usually, free-standing digital signage has no external buttons or control and is easy to manoeuvre.

LCD video wall displays

LCD wall displays allow you to combine multiple screens to create near-seamless video walls of any size. LCD walls are designed for environments where they need to withstand extended or continuous operation and deliver exceptional performance.

LED video wall displays

LED video wall displays are surpassing LCDs in many ways. They offer a bezel-free seamless appearance and deliver exceptional image sharpness, superior colour, high brightness, longer lifespans, and reduced power consumption. Another key benefit of LED walls is their flexibility as they can be configured to almost any shape, size, and flat or curved design.

Moveable LED displays

A moveable LED display is a mobile solution that can be used in a range of spaces and venues. The modular design means that panels can be easily clicked together providing endless possibilities on size and configuration – all conveniently packaged in flight cases. Displays can be easily dismantled and moved between rooms and venues.

Window displays

Never miss a casual browser again with immersive and high-bright pixel-perfect displays. LED screens are waterproof and dustproof and can be viewed in direct sunlight allowing you to use them in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Digital menu boards

Digital menu boards can display entire menus that can be easily seen by customers in cafes, bars, and restaurants. Menus and content can be updated quickly streamlining the order process and highlighting special offers.

From selecting hardware, installation, content management system, and wrap-around proactive support, we will ensure you have a world-class digital signage solution that is right for you.


Networked digital signage and content management

Easily manage and deploy branded content across your network of digital screens to captivate and inform your visitors and employees.

We supply digital signage players driven by cloud-based software to determine how, when, and where content is displayed on your network of screens. Our experts will help you with the integration of user-friendly content management systems where you can control your displays from one location by simply logging in to our VC Signage portal. Learn more about our Digital Signage SaaS here.

Get more from your audiovisual investment with a comprehensive support and maintenance package from Visually Connected.